How Better to Choose and Install Wooden Floors. Tips and Tricks

When choosing flooring, many opt for quality natural materials. And  they are absolutely right, because our ancestors used wooden planks for flooring to create warmth and comfort at their homes.

Wooden floors have always been considered an indicator of wealth, good taste and respectability of the house. At a time when modern building materials market offers a huge selection of synthetic flooring, natural solid wood flooring and do not lose their positions and remain one of the most popular floor coverings.
Board - is a modern material that offers several advantages and has good performance. Wooden board is a kind of parquet, only the smaller size and the presence of thorn-groove around the perimeter. The width of solid wood is 10-20 cm in length and varies from 1 to 2.5 meters in thickness, which is typically 18-22 mm, solid wood flooring is also superior.

The presence on the perimeter of the spike-notch greatly simplifies the installation of solid wood, and significantly extends the life of the flooring. Durability solid wood and also depends on the thickness of which, as already mentioned, more than parquet. When properly installed and competent care, this floor will last for decades, while maintaining its original appearance without deformation and graying under the weight of the furniture.

In the manufacture of solid wood, various kinds of wood: the Russian, European, Indonesian, African production. Each type of wood has a number of characteristics.

The most popular for several years is an oak tree. This tree has an extensive variety of textures and colors that can satisfy the tastes of almost any buyer. Oak suit any decor, with over the years, it will look nobler. Solid wood oak has high durability, reliability and resistance to environmental influences.

On the functional characteristics of an oak tree is closest to the red merbau. Merbau wood is reddish-brown color, which over time acquires a silvery-gray. Merbau wood business cards are yellow streaks, which form intricate patterns. Merbau tree is very strong, has high moisture resistance and density. Merbau is almost not subject to decay due to the very yellow streaks, which have properties that protect the wood from insects and fungi.

Following on the popularity and performance is followed by ash and maple. Solid wood ash has qualities such as very high strength, hardness and elasticity. Maple is widely used in the manufacture of solid board, it has good durability and luxurious look of solid wood allows the use of maple in the exquisite and daring interiors. There is a maple one drawback: this type of wood most whimsical feel with regard to changing humidity.

The increasing popularity now takes on a massive board their exotic wenge wood. Wenge is a black tree that grows only in two African countries - Congo and Zaire. For modern interiors in the Moroccan, Japanese, Chinese and other exotic styles is used solid wood flooring wenge - the perfect, irreplaceable option. It is worth noting that the tree is not purely black, but rather the tone of the wood can be described as a dark brown. Wenge wood contains a large amount of mineral salts, because of this massive wenge boards are heavy, and the processing and polishing can be difficult. Solid wenge flooring is notable for its durability and resistance to pressure. Also among the advantages of wood wenge produce resistance to bending.

Often in the manufacture of solid wood they prefer tick. Solid wood boards, made from teak, beautiful colors are different, water resistance and durability. Teak wood contains an oily substance, which increases resistance to rot and the negative effects of the environment.

Design of wooden floor
Large selection of wood for the manufacture of massive boards is not limited to natural patterns and colors. Now become increasingly popular so-called design solid wood, already finished when the board can make an original and unique. There are many options for finishing solid wood.

Most popular now as a kind of decoration it is "antique board." To obtain the desired effect scrape plaque and treated in a special way, and then coated with varnish or oil. Antique wood can be used in any interior; it will only emphasize the style, personality and beauty of your home.

Another type of processing massive boards can enhance the color of the wood and give it its unusual color. This method is called coloring and staining wood is lacquer or oil. With conventional tinting solid wood oak can get the original blue or turquoise color. Tinting can also help you save a lot. If you want your home has the floor of an exotic wood, but can not afford it, you come to the help of coloring. 

Also, solid wood can be decorated with metal - bronze or brass. This floor will have a very unique look and is suitable for interiors, in the style of hi-tech.
The advantage is that no matter what kind of treatment you choose to give the board a massive personality, it does not affect its functional qualities. Massive board - this is real wood, an environmentally friendly product, which will carry into your home comfort, convenience and charm.

Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood

In addition to the above-mentioned beauty and longevity to the benefits of solid board include environmental and aesthetic qualities. Natural wood is not dangerous to the health of tenants or home, and substances - oils and varnishes, which is processed board, do not contain harmful substances and are completely safe.

Board always looks stylish and aesthetically pleasing. A variety of colors allow you to create a unique interior, and the nobility of this material would be appropriate in a classical setting the reading room or private office or conference room in the luxurious accommodation for guests. Solid wood floor is more uniform and visually enhances the room. In addition, solid wood bed can be several tens of years to forget about the repair of floor covering.

Like any floor covering in solid wood has its drawbacks. First of all, you have to fork out as to the actual floor, and the materials for packing.

Board has big size; it can cause difficulties during installation. To serve you board for many years, you must perform a competent setup: the base must be perfectly smooth, especially for glueless laying method. Boards should be close to dock with each other, or even the slightest mistake will lead to creak and other unpleasant manifestations.

Deal with installing solid wood should only be a professional with extensive experience. It should be mentioned that solid wood - this is a "live" material, sensitively and acutely responsive to the slightest changes in temperature and humidity in the room. In case of insufficient moisture solid wood dries and cracks, with an excess of humidity it will deform and bent. Here a small assembly trick: Apply during the installation of solid wood perimeter bevel. This procedure is formed between the stacked board’s period, covering the possible deformations and micro cracks and gives the floor a singular, definitive form. In general, to the floor of the massive board had no problems on the premises is necessary to maintain optimal humidity - about 45-65% at a temperature of 20 C.

Protective covers for solid wood

Most often, solid wood varnishes, that's why manufacturers offer a wide selection of surface treatments. Parquet varnish is of several types, the most appropriate - it's water-based varnish. Popular coverage is solid wood with special oil, which includes a solid wax. Unlike varnish, oil leaves a film on the surface, but deep soaks into the wood. Impregnating solid wood, oil strengthens and protects the wood from rot and mildew, while emphasizing the wood structure, and creating a visual impression of the lack of a protective layer. Oil is an environmentally friendly material, no adverse effects on human health. 

Covering the solid wood with oil is not popular. First of all, this is due to the fact that the solid wood floor, covered with oil, needs a more thorough treatment, and every six months is necessary to update the entire protective oil layer.

Laying solid wood
The board fits in two ways: on a concrete floor and carrying on hardwood floors. What type of styling is right for you, will tell you the specialist. In general, the laying of solid wood - the process is rather complicated, that requires extensive experience and special skills. Do not save on this important process of the correct implementation of which will depend on the quality and durability of the flooring.

To be fully confident in the quality of work on laying solid wood floor, you can use the services of a professional who can keep control of the process technology and styling. Let’s agree, this luxury stuff, like solid wood, requires proper treatment.

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