Wallpaper Tips: How to Choose Wallpaper

Repair of apartments and then interior design is always associated with the decision of a huge number of questions on the choice of materials for finishing the interior. Greater attention to itself requires a wall.

That wall attracts the main attention in the room, and it is on what the walls in the room, a texture, the color, depends on the style of the interior: whether your room is warm and cozy or cool and solemn.

What is the best material to use, what color to use?

The most common type of wall decoration is a decoration of their wallpaper. There is a variety of wallpaper, which differ from one another not only in colors and shades, but also in texture, texture and quality of material used.

Depending on the type and size of the room select the wallpaper. For example, to the room seem higher in low ceilings to get rid of the feeling of tightness of the space, choose wallpaper with a vertical pattern. A room with horizontal stripes or large patterns will appear below, but more in width. In general, the higher the room, the bigger picture needs to be wallpaper.

If you chose a wallpaper with stripes, then we must take into account the fact that the wider the band, the less there is the effect of the compressed space. Therefore, in a small room with low ceilings, use wallpaper with a broader, larger stripes.

Much attention is paid to the selection of colors. Pastel colors calm, positive impact on human and bright, saturated colors - excite, stimulate activity and to give cheerfulness. And keep in mind that a bright, large image can quickly become tired, and some may irritate.

When choosing wallpaper is necessary to consider the basic characteristics of the room, if this is a bright room, the best color for  wallpaper will be cool colors (blue, pink, silver, blue). Also in this room would look nice dark green or burgundy wallpaper, rich deep and dark tones.

In a room with windows on the south to choose lightfast wallpaper to graphic does not fade.

Rooms with windows on the north visually appear smaller than actually are. This more appropriate wallpaper is that with warm colors: orange, peach, yellow, apricot, coffee, etc. In the small dark rooms is suitable wallpaper with a small figure or ornament "diamond."

For a large space will suit bright wallpaper with a large figure. Large and frequent flowers visually thicken, reduce space. If you use the red-yellow color range, the walls seem to be relief and how to be converging. And if you use blue-blue color combination, the walls move apart and as a room look more spacious.

When choosing wallpaper in the apartment, it is necessary to avoid the monotony of color, but also bear in mind that too contrasting wallpaper should not be, as the ripple in the eyes is not only you but also your guests.

If you like to have on the walls and paintings and photographs or carpets, is better to choose the wallpaper with smooth or with very small barely noticeable pattern. And for classic interiors fit pastel wallpaper. These wallpapers, if properly furnish a room, not only will not seem boring and impersonal, but emphasized graceful shape and form of furniture, the beauty of flower arrangements.

You should not pick a color in the color of the wallpaper to the furniture, but too sharp contrasts should be avoided. It should be remembered that the wallpaper are just a backdrop for furniture and furnishings and should highlight and shade the individual items in the room.

Backgrounds are very practical with small patches of different colors. Such a good wallpaper paste on the wall is not quite straight, and the pattern by dispersing light beams in different directions, will hide all the bumps: dredging and deepening of the wall. But the smooth wallpaper glued on perfectly smooth wall with no dents and protuberances. Such deficiencies can hide a wall wallpaper relief and dense texture.

To date, there are many kinds of wallpaper, and it is only necessary to clearly define in their choice.

The most common and simple are the paper wall, is a classic in wall coverings. Now paper wall made of natural material, they are considered environmentally friendly and completely safe for human health. They can be used in fairly dry areas where there is no temperature difference. The main drawback of paper wallpaper is that they are fragile, they can not wash, and they quickly burn out.

If you are looking for a strong and durable material for the walls, then pay attention to the vinyl wallpaper. They are waterproof, they can be washed, due to which they are often used in kitchens, in the hallways and bathrooms. The main disadvantage of vinyl wallpaper is their poor breathability. True professionals are already working on this problem; they choose wallpaper containing microspores in its structure, giving the walls to breathe.

Less water-resistant and durable is acrylic wallpaper. Not suitable to be used for the kitchen and bathroom.

There is also structural wallpaper (wallpaper before painting.) White top layer of wallpaper can be painted in any color. The structural include vinyl wallpaper with paper or non-woven. They are quite durable and have excellent masking properties. The main advantage is that they can be repainted many times without losing quality. These wallpapers are suitable for gluing various facilities, as well as ceilings.

Very durable and practical is non-woven wallpaper. Their main advantage is that they do not need to put the glue; it is applied to the wall and then are applied and smoothed out the wallpaper. Remove them from the wall if you want to replace, very easily. And the rest of non-woven can be used as a basis for the next use.

Very good look gives to the interiors wall textures of various textiles. They are cozy and warm in the room is a good insulator and readily absorb sound. The disadvantage of these wallpapers is that they absorb odors and dust, are afraid to mechanical damage and wet cleaning.

There are also glass fiber wallpaper with various ornaments and textures. These wallpapers can be painted up to 12 times without loss of picture; you can wash and scrub with a brush, because they are waterproof and quite durable.

One of the expensive types of wallpaper are metallic wallpaper. They have a smooth, plain surface to be coated gold, bronze or silver paint. These wallpapers are very good sound insulation.


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