How to Have a Perfect Laminate Floor

Whether you do improvements in the apartment or office, then, of course, there appears the question: what kind of flooring to choose from. Today, the store has a large selection of floor coverings that you can always choose by yourself, something to your liking. Everyone has their own preferences. Someone buys an expensive flooring or cork flooring, linoleum or deck, while others prefer laminate floor.

Parquet or cork at first glance seems to be the most suitable choice than laminate. But in fact, in addition to external factors should be considered important parameters such as: high wear resistance, complexity of installation, the ability to withstand extremes of temperature and humidity. Therefore, in areas with high traffic (offices, shops, hospitals, etc.), natural cover in a short time lose their outer look and will require repair. A laminate, due to its durability, will last.

Laminate is modern flooring that imitates parquet covering of cork, ceramic tile, etc. It is the most common and most popular flooring. 
It is widely used in both residential and commercial buildings in: shops, showrooms, offices, in art galleries, cinemas, in warehouses, etc.

Laminate flooring is very similar to a natural flooring (environmentally safe and has a typical figure), but has a lower price, increased strength and durability. 
It is resistant to most solvents, does not burn and the fire does not emit toxic gases, has increased resistance to dents and scratches (not afraid of falling knives and pieces of plates), it is antistatic and, more importantly, it can be washed.

Each manufacturer uses its own methods for manufacturing laminate flooring, but in all cases, it has four layers: the upper protective layer (solid film, with special resins), decorative (paper, coated with her figure, impregnated with resin) core (carrying wood stove 
high density) and lower stabilizing layer (impregnated with resin or wax paper).

The top cover protects the laminate from chemicals, stains, sunlight, provides resistance to various mechanical damage.

The basis of laminate - wood board of high density (HDF) - has high strength, providing the material resistance to prolonged stress and pressure, and high impact resistance.

How to choose quality laminate that he has served as long as possible? Firstly, the choice of laminate, you must consider in what area it will be used. For different areas use different types of laminate. After loading in a residential area are significantly different from the loads in the trading room or office. Therefore, two types of laminate flooring - commercial and domestic.

Choosing laminate for the floor is very important to pay attention to the class of the laminate. The class of the laminate depends on its durability.

Each class corresponds to a certain type of laminate, designed for a specific intensity of the load and operating conditions. 
Distinguish six classes of the laminate. Moreover, the higher the level, the more resistant laminate to mechanical stress. The most durable and strong laminate is 33rd class, but it costs significantly more than all the other classes. It is used in an office environment with an intense level of traffic, and sports halls, shops, bars and cafes. There is also a "higher" refers the class of 31 and 32 - is "commercial" laminate that can withstand the load in public places. Laminate 31 class use in conference halls and negotiation rooms. A reception rooms, classrooms, shops are usually equipped with class 32 laminate. But such a laminate is used in a residential installation. He will stand and the antics of small children, and often have guests. Also in the residential use of the laminate of the "lower" classes: 21-22 class is used in the living room and bedroom, where a small load on the floors, but the 23 class, with a large safety margin used in the hallway and the kitchen.

One of the important characteristics of the laminate is its thickness. 
It usually is 6-12mm. The thicker it is, the stronger finish and better sound absorption. Household sufficient material thickness is 6 - 8 mm. Besides assembling the laminate thickness 8 - 12 mm is much simpler than the laminate with a thickness of 6 - 7 mm.

Choosing laminate, it is necessary to take into account the ratio of coating thickness and area of ​​the room. If a large area to use the lack of thickness of the coating, it will occur when walking clip-clopping sound, and on this floor without a sound could be passed only in soft shoes or barefoot. Some companies produce a laminate with a noise-proof backing. Under the cover creeps polyethylene foam, very good sound-absorbing. If you are walking on the laminate can be heard squeaking, it says that you have purchased the panel, which disrupted the geometry or the installation was a mistake. Well packed and high-quality laminate will not squeak.

By way of mounting plates are distinguished: the adhesive and the laminate assembly. 
Plate, with adhesive installation, and fix with glue and they do not understand. A team at installation uses special locks, which snaps, connecting plates together. Such a laminate can be easily assembled and disassembled easily and, if necessary, that it is a significant advantage over the adhesive laminate. The type of lock depends on the price of laminate. Some laid laminate construction of the castle with ease, while others require considerable effort.

Laminate flooring, like most floor coverings, is afraid of water. 
Many companies are actively working to improve the water resistance of the laminate. Some people mistakenly believe that the laminate floor you can not use the bathroom or kitchen. But it all depends on the coefficient of water absorption basis laminate - HDF (high density wood stoves.) Laminate with a water absorption coefficient of less than 2%, can be used in wet areas. Also to increase the water resistance in the joints of plates using water-repellent and waterproof glue joints strips with glue.

To increase the sound insulation properties of the laminate, as well as to reduce noise effects while walking under the laminate substrate paving. 
It is made of various materials, such as cellular rubber, padding polyester, natural cork, foamed polyethylene or polystyrene. The substrate must not be fat and fit in one layer. Some manufacturers produce a laminate with the adhesive backing is already having higher sound insulation properties.

Due to the high light fastness, laminate virtually no fade. 
He antiallergenic, and therefore there are no restrictions on its use in kindergartens and schools and health facilities.

Of course, not just producers of laminate flooring simulate depth picture of natural wood, stone, etc. 
But with each passing year, manufacturers, using emerging technologies, improve the quality of simulations, which enables reliable transfer and texture of wood, and its color, and relief, and even varnish. And it is sometimes difficult to determine that under his feet, real wood or laminate flooring.

When choosing a laminate one should pay attention to the warranty service period. Its average life is typically 2 to 6 years, but many manufacturers offer a 10-year period of operation and more.

Impeccable quality laminate, rich variety of colors makes it indispensable and the most popular material in any room.

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