How to keep the house clean?

In order to always have a nice and cozy house, it is necessary not only to make a quality repair, but also effectively to take care of finishing materials.

Clean start with the ceiling
Basic rules of cleaning tell us that the process should be direct to the principle of "top - down." So first of all look at the ceiling. Whitewashing the ceiling cost is very cheap in terms of monetary cost, but require regular updates (and now think about how hard to wash the walls and floor of lime). Whitewashed ceilings should be cleaned every six months from the dust, but when the dust a lot, there is a risk that the ceiling will divorce. Whitewashing quickly turn yellow and from cigarette smoke. If you have flooded neighbors - remain on the whitewashed red spots.

In terms of hygiene and ease of care whitewashed ceiling - not the best option. Ceiling foam tiles is not only affordable option for finishing the ceiling, but also an easier one to clean. Quality Tiles do not turn yellow over time; they do not have to be painted. If, it happened and some of them will fall from above, they can be replaced easily. The only time - this bar almost always has an embossed surface, and in the reliefs can accumulate dust. Clean it only with a damp cloth does not always work. But here you can come to the aid of a vacuum cleaner (if you're not too high ceilings).

Such tiles are best used in the living room and bedroom. The kitchen is not worth considering because it has to deal with exhausting fumes from the stove. For the kitchen ceiling is a great solution plastic panels - traces of grease and grime with them easily cleaned with a damp cloth with a simple household cleaning products.

Stretch ceilings not only look great, but also solve many problems with the care of the surface. Contamination from them can be removed again with a damp cloth and soap or other mild household cleaner (only without abrasives). Stretch ceiling is also quite powerful because it allows you to save the furniture and decoration from water damage, if you flooded the neighbors above. If water pours from the top, the ceiling is not torn, and sags under its weight - your chairs, sofas, wallpaper and flooring will stay completely dry, even if the neighbors poured from above at least ten buckets of water.

Along the walls
The most common material for walls is wallpaper. The most "perishable" are paper wallpaper. They are easily torn, soiled, soak up the soot and cigarette smoke. But they are very cheap! If you're willing to spend some time periodically on their replacing them then is great. Cleaning the paper wallpaper is very difficult.

Paintable wallpaper is- another option for maintaining the walls clean. (But then again you have to do paint work!) Vinyl wallpaper is one of the most popular, but choosing them, note that in most cases, the vinyl wallpaper are very "soft" surface. "Pimples", giving a relief, it is easy to peel. So do not use vinyl wallpaper in the rooms where the furniture can often move around and lean against the walls. Fiberglass - much stronger, and they can also be painted.

Very sensitive to dirt are wallpaper  made from natural materials - jute, bamboo and grass. They are best used only where the likelihood of potential contamination is minimal, for example, in the bedroom, the living room. These wallpapers are expensive and practically do not allow any cleaning other than wiping the dust barely with damp cloth.

Decorative plasters looks very impressive, but evaluate your future interior and its features. Not all decorative plaster can be painted. Granular coating may flake off due to friction. Wet cleaning is almost always difficult. For example, in the kitchen with decorative plasters did not place.

The most hygienic and easy-care wall coverings is a ceramic tile and plastic panels. And the plastic panels can still be scratched or burn cigarette butt, the ceramics are not afraid of these misfortunes. Unfortunately, plastics and ceramics so far taken root only in areas like hallway, bathroom and kitchen.

Many parents ask: how to be with a child? What materials to use in the bedroom?  For children's rooms today are released special wallpaper that is just intended to be painted. If you cover the walls of a special magnetic ink, you no longer need to mount to the wall leaves the buttons and make a whole surface. The papers will be hold by magnets. And after all, fun! A special water-borne acrylic latex paint on the basis of the school will make the board even though the wall, even though the cupboard. This paint is easy to chalk stick, and then also easily erased. The painted surface can withstand more than 5000 passes with a brush - which is very high: you can clean and clean. True, these are not cheap.

All the secrets of the finished floor

And among the flooring the champion of hygiene is ceramic tile. Then comes the laminate. Next - linoleum. Parquet and flooring already require special care: care, they belong - in the living room and bedroom.

Do not think that the floor tile does not require any care - just lay, and that’s all.

If you want to have a floor for a long time that will please you with its brilliance, bright colors, then go to the nearest supermarket and ask for special cleaners to take care of tile. They effectively and gently clean the tile. It is easy to remove lime deposits, hardened mud, light traces of cement, shoe polish. They are ideal for tile in the kitchen, shower, bathroom, toilet and basin. They are used for cleaning patios and balconies. These compounds are capable of creating and antislip effect.

For hardwood floors care mainly through polishes and waxes. Experts recommend preferred polisham, because it is difficult to apply wax to the surface evenly. Besides, should not be applied thick layers of wax (otherwise the surface will be sticky), do not apply the wax with a sponge (it will give a rough dull surface).

Polish to create subtle parquet surface protective film, fresh paint protection. When choosing polishes desirable to pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions for compatibility with the varnish. If the surface of the parquet spots appeared, then you can try to remove by conventional cleaning agents which do not contain ammonia. If the result is not achieved - use professional tools to care for hardwood floors (they can be bought at specialized firms). Remember that flooring can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth, vacuuming. Maximum - clean well-wrung damp cloth. There are no puddles and streaks!

Simple wooden floors should be treated with appropriate oils and waxes. They will close the pores of the wood and protect it from moisture and dirt.

But laminate absolutely can not cover with wax for polishing the floor. Also are not allowed and other polishing tools. All the same, they are not absorbed. But the laminate is good because with it easily, often with just a liquid soap, removes traces of the markers, shoe cream and glue. In no case do not use abrasives or metal sponges, they scratch the surface and varnish the look.

Linoleum is also afraid of abrasives. Therefore, in the hallway it is necessary to protect carpets against the introduction of sand, mud. Linoleum can be damaged because of shoe cream, alcohol-based products, even lipstick. Return the original form it would be impossible.

Note: do not want the protective rubber mat was - prolonged contact with rubber linoleum can lead to yellowing of the surface of the linoleum. If you purchased a homogeneous linoleum, which has no protective film (be sure to ask this time in the store!), It regularly, preferably every three months, he should rub the protective compound. Use special cleaners for linoleum.

If you have carpet, then be careful with him. The spots of clay, ink, wine or food is best not delete itself, but with the help of experts in cleaning. But the self is easy to remove wax (wax stains are often left guessing after Christmas). This is done through a sheet of paper and iron. Paper is placed on the wax stain and iron. The wax will be absorbed into the paper. By the way, now produce carpet with a special protective coating that repels like dust and dirt. Such types of carpet used even in cafes and restaurants, as they are practical. Of course, and they cost more and you can buy them mostly in specialty stores.

Something to take into consideration: If some stain still can not bring with common household tools, it is better not to resort to all sorts of popular recipes. Often, they only worsen the situation.

If you absolutely need to bring clean, contact the cleaning company (required certificates are required!). Experts will analyze how the elimination of all possible defects and will pick up all the necessary tools. Do not hesitate to clean a lot of nuances. For example, even carpets made of synthetics and wool carpets have different means.

Often you do not even know how capable cleaners make your life easier. Thus, they eliminate the power of even the unpleasant odors arise due to pets! You will not have to be ashamed of too much "delicious" corner of the carpet or couch.

And do not be afraid that the services of professionals will cost dearly. The minimum cost of an integrated cleaning usually begins only from 2-3 thousand rubles. As a rule, you will make an estimate in advance and provide all the figures.

Professional cleaning is very convenient for the general cleaning and complete dedusting facilities. Professionals do their work quickly and efficiently.

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