Interior Design Ideas: Living Room Trends

In the evening, the living room gathers the family, and on holidays - noisy guests.  In general, the design of the living room is a reflection of the interior appearance of the house. It is possible to determine the views of life of the owners what they do and like, you have come to an artist or a businessman, a conservator or a person of a creative profession. Judging by the interior design of living room, you can also determine the level of wealth of its owner. 

Expanding the living space - are the main trends in the design of your living room. Doors are generally excluded from the interior room, making the room visually larger. The massive enclosed cabinets or racks are replaced through-open shelves. 

Fashionable color is from the snow-white and pastel to gray. Demanding color remains black, which is present not only in pieces of furniture, but even in the choice of electronics and accessories for your living room. More popular French windows - tall, arched, almost to the floor, they will design the living room is spacious and bright. 

Today in the design of the living room dominates the simplicity and openness. Furniture and extra decoration becomes smaller, the emphasis is on individual elements, such as a wall, made under a stone, or a huge wall painting or a photo. 

Currently, there are many opportunities to create unique interior of living room. Using the latest decorative materials makes it possible to design an interior of living room functional and comfortable. One of the current trends, in the opinion of the world's leading interior designers, is an increase in the living room via its connection with kitchen. The result is a spacious kitchen-studio. Modern living room is not just a big room with sofa, armchairs and TV, but also a home theater, and dance-poll on public holidays, and warm dining room a cold winter day. 

Modern design of living room is not only a fashionable and stylish decor but also comfortable furnishings. A rotating, folding - this furniture is perfect for your interior. It can be a table-transformer, or a bed transformed from the sofa, and book trolleys, and TV, slide-out from the wall or cabinet. 

An interesting idea to serve is a wide sofa; fold up into several separate different sizes and shapes. Mobility and comfort - that's the main purpose of such innovations. Despite the variety of styles and trends in modern interior, which is easy to get confused, most importantly in the design of the living room - it's your soul, emotion and mood. All the rest is a trick.


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