The Concept of the Interior Style

Style is the image and taste. Style in our understanding is the harmony of artistic direction.
Each era has its own ideas about the world, the vision of beauty and harmony. Historically, has evolved a set of artistic principles, nature and characteristics of expression, the most essential features of the material and spiritual culture that society has defined as the style of the era.

The word "stilo" (Latin stylus, "pen") comes from an ancient tool for writing. Style or Stilo - spike of bone, metal, wood, that was used for scratching out the text on a gold plaque.
Styles - stable forms of architecture, fine and applied arts, literature, existed for a long time. Style driven by scientific and technical capabilities, changing lifestyles, development of society, generated by a certain age and die off, replaced by a new set of stable forms. Style rarely exists in pure form: it is always old and new coexists. It can not be artificially restored, as well as the time that caused his appearance. However, no one style does not die completely.
The architecture and art style usually acts as an aesthetic category of a temporary nature, which is a kind of common system of signs, combining objective environment, painting, sculpture, and graphics.
The style in the arts and descriptive in their applications to the trades and industry - a set of generic features of the product and its details, picture and location of its parts, its colors, ornamentation and the whole performance - characteristics that are expressed in the spirit of this or that nation and the dominant flavor one or another time. For example, in architecture, differ with regard to nationality. Styles: Egyptian and Greek, Etruscan and Roman, Byzantine and Moorish. In terms of time - Romanesque and Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, Rococo, Empire and others.
Thus, the style - it is the commonality of the image system, means of artistic expression, creative techniques, due to the unity of ideological and artistic content.

Interior style directions:

  • Empire
  • Antique
  • Arabic style
  • Art Deco Style
  • African style
  • Baroque style
  • Gothic
  • Egyptian style
  • Indian style
  • Country Style
  • Chinese style
  • Style Kitsch
  • Classic style
  • Colonial style
  • Style Constructivism
  • Minimalist Style Interior
  • Modern style interior
  • Rococo style interior
  • Russian Style
  • Scandinavian style
  • Style Feng Shui
  • Hi-Tech Style
  • Eclectic Style
  • Ethnic style
  • Japanese-style interior
  • Loft Style
  • Chalet style interior
  • Provence Style

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